Sustainability and innovation

servoprax has set itself the goal of creating the future. We continuously develop our sustainable commitment.

Together for the future 

Together with strong partners we are working on making our cooperation more sustainable. Among other things, we are concerned with questions relating to the supply chain - there is great potential here to save resources and thus protect our environment.

In the area of shipping packaging, for example, it is possible to use reusable packaging material. An implementation must be very well planned to get the maximum out of it.

That is why we bring important partners around the table in order to successfully push our ideas forward and to turn our plans into reality together with our partners.

Print and copy paper

We only use 100% FSC®-certified recycled paper for prints and copies in our company. With globally applicable standards, the unprecedented involvement of all relevant interest groups and the support of well-known companies and recognised independent environmental and social organisations, FSC represents a credible and reliable organisation in which we, as servoprax, place our unreserved trust.

Catalogues and advertising material

Unlike the office paper used for printing and copying, we do not yet exclusively use FSC®-certified paper for our catalogues. We at servoprax have set ourselves the goal of increasing the proportion of FSC®-certified paper used for catalogue production every year. Currently we already use at least 50% FSC®-certified paper for catalogues and advertising material.
In addition to the use of paper from sustainable production, other aspects are also important to us, such as the reduction of catalogue formats to save resources and shipping weight. Our complete catalogue is printed exclusively on paper bleached without chlorine, and we also prefer to use recycled paper for our advertising material.

We think that servoprax stands GREEN – therefore WE would like to think GREEN in the future.

Photovoltaic system

servoprax will use its own photovoltaic system from the end of 2020 and will use the sun as a renewable, inexhaustible source of energy. In this way we are contributing to the expansion of renewable energies in Germany.

In this way, companies and tradespeople not only support the energy turnaround and climate protection, but also ensure a sustainable power supply directly in the company or in the public power grid. Even generating clean electricity saves several hundred tonnes of CO2 every year - and the more energy is generated in this way, the greater the savings and the better for the climate.

Electric mobility

Since August 2020, the first vehicle that can drive fully electrically is part of the servoprax fleet. This is a starting signal for great things, because gradually we will replace all the burners in our fleet with electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. No matter whether it is a company car, van or truck - our future will be electric.

The use of our own photovoltaic system also creates a synergy effect that holds enormous potential. In this way, we are trying to do our bit for the energy turnaround and climate protection and hope that other companies will follow this example. Because we are convinced that the future belongs to electric mobility.